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Electric dryers

Electric Dryers

Whether you’re shopping for a high-capacity or a high-efficiency electric dryer, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. As a whole, electric dryers are easy to install and offer an initial cost savings at the time of purchase compared to gas dryers. Whatever your particular needs are, Sam's Club® is dedicated to helping you find the ideal solution with many LG dryers to choose from.

Space Requirements

Like any other appliance, you’ll want to start by measuring your laundry room. Whether you are buying a steam washer and dryer or are simply putting a high-efficiency electric dryer next to your existing washing machine, be sure to also include the proper space for your laundry accessories, as well as the vent in your calculations.

Dryers With a Steam Option

Electric dryers that come with a steam option are very popular. These machines are made to steam clothes, tumble the load a second time and then dry once more to help remove wrinkles. This handy feature is mimicked by other dryers with similar functions, but they aren’t as effective.

Dryer Features

There are a number of other options you might want in your dryer, whether it’s a compact model or a large-capacity electric dryer. A signal that alerts you when the dryer is finished, either by a simple chime or a set of notes, is handy so laundry doesn’t sit in the unit longer than needed. Another sought-after feature is a moisture sensor that turns off the appliance when garments are finished drying instead of having to rely on a timer and thermostat.

A drum light can also make things easier during late nights or early mornings, and if quiet operation is a must for your household, look for a unit with noise dampening. Last, if you need to ship your dryer, check out those with free shipping available.

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