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Dslr lenses & flash

SLR Lenses – What Type is Right for You?

Lenses for the SLR camera come in different types and sizes. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a very demanding professional, there are SLR camera lenses available to suit every type of SLR camera buff. When shopping for lenses there are few things you should keep in mind:

  • Depending on the type of SLR camera you have, you should get lenses that are specific to the manufacturer as different brands of SLR cameras have different mounts which connect the lenses to the SLR camera.
  • There are different types of SLR Lenses:
    • Standard Zoom Lens – This is a basic sort of lens and is best used in an SLR camera that’s ready to shoot anytime, anywhere
    • Telephoto Lens – This type of lens is ideal if you want to capture distant objects. These SLR lenses are a must have if you plan on capturing some candid moments, or if you’d like to shoot some wildlife or sports photography
    • Wide Angle Lens – This type of lens is great for taking panoramic shots
    • Macro Lens – If you love taking photographs of extreme close-ups, then this type of lens opens up a whole new world of photography for you to explore

SLR Flash - Figuring Out your Needs

Some SLR cameras have built-in flash; some SLR cameras have a hot shoe mount bracket so that you can attach an external flash unit to the SLR camera, while some other SLR cameras offer both – a built in flash as well as a hot shoe mount where you can attach the flash. While built-in flash is great, it cannot match the quality of an external flash in SLR cameras. But, what is the purpose of using an external flash for SLR cameras? External flash units provide more light output from the flash and significantly reduces red-eye.

External flash units for SLR cameras come with a variety of features. Some features to look out for when shopping for an external flash unit for your SLR camera includes:

  • Bounce – Almost all external flash units have this feature. If the external flash unit has bounce, it simply means that you can turn the angle of the external flash unit so that the light from the flash can ‘bounce’ off the ceiling instead of aiming the flash directly at the subject.
  • Swivel – This feature allows the external flash unit to ‘swivel’ to make the flash point left or right in order to ‘bounce’ the light from flash off of the walls.
  • Power – Different external flash units offer different power settings. You should choose an external flash unit by determining how much power you need from the flash. Choosing a high power external flash unit is generally considered better as you can minimize the light output of a flash, but not usually the other way around.
  • Manual or Auto – Determine if you’d want an external flash unit that has automatic control (where the external flash unit communicates electronically with the SLR), or manual control (where you want to change the flash output manually)

Some of the benefits of opting for an external flash unit for your SLR include:

  • The external flash units for SLR cameras are compact and easily portable
  • The external flash unit can easily fit into your SLR camera bag
  • Most external flash units for SLR cameras run on batteries
  • Cost effective when compared to heavy duty lights

We hope we’ve made it easier for you to buy SLR camera lenses and external flash units for your SLR camera. Browse through our entire range and purchase one that’s best suited for your needs.

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