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Dry cat food

Dry Cat Food

Sam's Club® carries a variety of dry cat food that meets the needs of young, adult, senior and special-needs felines.

Healthy Dry Cat Food

When it comes to meeting your pet's needs, you need to keep in mind that cats are carnivores by nature. This means they require foods that are made with the tissues of other animals to meet their physiological needs. When choosing a dry cat food for your furry friend, formulas that have meat products as the first or main ingredient will provide the most nutrition. Premium dry cat foods list turkey, chicken, beef and other meat products as the first ingredient. Formulas listing corn and similar ingredients first may not provide optimal amounts of protein for your pet's needs.

Dry Cat Food Names

Dry cat food labels can be confusing, but there are some guidelines that the Association of American Feed Control provides for easier understanding. Foods listed as containing only one ingredient must have 95 percent of that ingredient. Options advertising two ingredients, such as turkey and chicken, must meet a combined total of 95 percent. Foods that feature platter, dinner or entree have to have 25 percent of the listed ingredient, and foods with a particular flavor must have a detectable amount of it in the formulation. Dry cat foods that say with beef, chicken or cheese must contain 3 percent of the specified ingredient.

Maintaining a Healthy Cat

Keeping your kitty healthy relies on providing the healthiest dry cat food, along with plenty of stimulation with activity toys and cat trees. When choosing the right dry cat food and other cat supplies, the options at Sam's Club help you find the items your cat enjoys most for a healthy diet and long life.

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