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Drafting chair & office stools

Adjustable Office Stools, Ergonomic Drafting Chairs & More

There are many different types of office stools so it’s important to choose the right one for your job. If your job requires many different tasks or if more than one person in your office needs to use the same workspace, then a Swivel Task Stool might be your best option. This drafting chair has simple to use controls so it can be adjusted to suit multiple users.

In addition, this chair has padded cushions and great lumbar support to eliminate back pain and an adjustable height and foot rest for optimal comfort while working. The mesh drafting chair at Sam’s Club is another of the many office stools that offers style and comfort along with adjustability. This chair’s ergonomic back support and posture adjustment along with its adjustable arm rests insures that each person who uses the chair will be comfortable when they are working.

Back pain is a common problem for people who are sitting at a desk or drafting table all day but the proper drafting chair and ergonomically designed office stools from Sam’s Club can help to make everyone’s work day more comfortable and productive. Choosing the right office stools is as simple as going to your local Sam’s Club store and trying them out and the sales team will always be happy to help you pick the right drafting chair and office stools for your needs.

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