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Door locks

Door Locks

Keep your family and possessions secure with a reliable door lock from Sam’s Club®. There’s a wide selection of locks, including keyless door locks, digital door locks and traditional versions. Whether you’re building a new house, moving into a rental or simply need to change your existing locks, having the right one can keep your home a bit safer.

Traditional Locks

Sam’s Club has plenty of door locks to choose from. Peruse the wide selection to find the one to fit your unique needs. Traditional locks are great for rental properties and simple installations. Use these locks to secure a backyard shed, separate garage or storage building. They also work great for the front door, garage entry door or back door. A traditional security door lock works without the use of electricity and can be accessed simply by using a key, so it’s ideal for simple day-to-day use.

Advanced Locks

Bluetooth-enabled dead bolts eliminate the need for a physical key, which means there’s no fumbling for the right key or fretting when you lose them. Simply use your mobile device, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, to unlock your keyless door lock.

Another more secure lock is the fingerprint biometric door lock, like the popular models available from Bio-Matic. This digital door lock features a pad where the user scans his or her fingerprint. If it matches the appropriate accepted fingerprints in the database, the door unlocks. This helps to prevent entry from anyone who isn’t authorized to enter the home. The biometric lock also works well for private offices and other confidential or off-limits areas. Some models are equipped with a keypad to allow pin code inputs, as well as backup mechanical keys, just in case the batteries die or an authorized person needs to enter the room and isn’t already in the database.

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