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Dog toys

Dog Toys

From durable dog toys to funny dog toys, the dog toys at Sam’s Club® will help you not only have fun with your dog but keep him healthy at the same time. Whether you want a toy that your dog can chew on or a toy to play with together so he can get the exercise he needs, we have a wide variety of toys to suit you and your dog.

Choosing the Right Dog Toy

It’s important to remember that quality dog toys aren’t just for fun—they are necessary for your dog’s continued good health. Choosing the right type of outdoor dog toy, small dog toy or durable dog toy can help keep your dog entertained and motivate your dog to stay active. Some toys are larger and more suited for big dog breeds. Many toys also come with a squeaking noise that many dogs love and that helps keep their interest.

Making Your Dog Toys Last

Rotate your pet’s toys on a weekly basis to help them last longer. Keep a variety of types of toys available, so that they don’t get worn and torn too quickly. Some of our toys come in multi-packs so you can easily have enough to rotate. Consider the material of the toy as well. If your dog really loves to destroy toys, look for ones with tougher construction. Even dog toys made with plush can be quite durable with double stitched seams.

These aren’t all the dog toys you’ll find at Sam’s Club. We offer a wide variety of durable toys that are fun to play with and encourage good health in your pet as well. Browse our wide selection, including brands such as Trixie Pet Products, Hyper Pet, Mugsy's and Chuckit, to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

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