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What to Consider When Purchasing a Dog House

There are many benefits to modern-day dog houses. Of course, they provide shelter for your pets when they are outdoors. This is especially important when there’s inclement weather. The right dog house will be a place of refuge for your pet when it’s chilly, rainy or windy outside. What’s more, a dog house can be an attractive addition to your outdoor décor and a cozy place for your pet to relax. So, what should you consider when choosing a dog house?


The size of the structure is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a dog house for your pet. Your dog’s comfort is key. Make sure the dog house is big enough for him to stand up and completely turn around without any interference. It should also be long enough for your dog to be stretched out while lying down. Make sure you’ll be able to fit your pet’s bedding inside the dog house. Remember that dogs are traditionally cave dwellers, and you don’t want to leave too much extra space inside the dog house. If the area inside is too large, your dog won’t be able to stay warm when the weather turns chilly.


The most common materials for dog houses are wood and plastic. There are a few benefits of a plastic dog house. Typically, they are lightweight and easy to clean. Plastic is also less expensive than wood, and it lasts a long time. There are also benefits to wood. First, if you’d like your dog house to match your home, it will likely be easier to accomplish that with a wood house. Also, wood is a better insulator than plastic, so keep this in mind if your main goal is to protect your dog from hot or cold weather.


There are many different dog house styles to choose from at Sam’s Club®. You might opt for a “classic” dog house with a pitched roof or a luxurious dog mansion that’s fit for the king of the yard. You might even like the idea of a large dog house such as a doggie “club house” or a barn-shaped structure. If you choose a wooden dog house, there are many colors to choose from. You can even paint a wooden dog house to match your home.

Special Features What special features are available in the dog houses at Sam’s Club®? One important feature is a raised floor. Since the ground can get cold and wet, it’s key to keep your pet a few inches away, so he can stay dry and comfortable. What’s more, fleas and ticks may live in the soil, and it’s beneficial to have some distance there.

If you live in a climate with very warm or very cold weather, or your dog is prone to being hot or cold because of her breed or hair type. you’ll be glad to know that some dog houses come with heating and cooling systems. There are heated floors, fans and special ventilation systems to consider. And, if you’d like to heat your dog’s house some of the time but you don’t want a dog house with a heating system, you may opt to add a heated mat or dog bed instead.


Unless the dog house you’re purchasing is very small, you’ll most likely need to assemble it. Check the item description and specifications to see if you’ll need any specific tools, so you can gather everything you’ll need to assemble your dog house in a timely manner.


You may want to move a dog house for a few different reasons. For example, it may be better to keep it the dog house the shade during the warmer months, and then move it to a sunnier spot when the weather changes. If you are planning to move to a new home, you will most likely want to take the dog house with you. Depending on how likely it is that you’ll move your dog house, consider its weight and whether or not you’d have to disassemble it before moving it.

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