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Disposable cold cups & drinkware

Disposable Cold Cups: Paper, Plastic & Foam Cups at Sams Club

Want to entertain a crowd but you dont have enough glassware? Or, maybe youre having people over, but you dont want to have to worry about washing all those cups and glasses afterwards. The disposable paper cups from Sams Club are the perfect solution. And of course, paper cups and plastic cups are the most sensible choices for picnics, BBQs and other casual outdoor events.

Pick up a few different types of disposable cups at Sams Club. You can buy in bulk, so youll keep costs low and have plenty on hand. Disposable paper cups and plastic cups are also a good choice for kids because theyre lightweight, shatterproof and easy to hold for little hands.

Disposable Drinkware for Cold Beverages

If you have a water cooler at home or in the office, keep a stash of disposable cold cups nearby. And keep a few in the bathroom cabinet, too. The small ones are perfect for doses of medicine or vitamins, and theyre convenient to have around when children ask for “one more drink of water” before bedtime.

Disposable Cups with Lids for Hot Beverages

Sams Club has a variety of disposable cups with lids, which are perfect for hot beverages. They come in various sizes and most are made from foam or insulated paper. If you have a business such a convenience store, you can use these cups for customers to serve themselves hot beverages. Plus, its easy to keep them and their matching lids tidy and organized in their own dispensers.

If you like to take your coffee, tea or hot chocolate with you on your commute to work, these disposable cups with lids are extremely convenient.

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