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Dining chairs

Purchasing Dinning Table Chairs

  • If you’re in need of dining chairs to complement your dining room table, then you will need to consider the length of the table. Generally, people leave about 2 feet or so between chairs at a dining table, so you can use your table’s length to get an idea of how many chairs you will need. In addition, your dining table may have an extension to it for large parties. If this is the case, then you may need two to four additional chairs for an occasion where the extension and the additional chairs are warranted.
  • The height of your dining chairs should be in accord with your dining room table. Not only do you have to consider comfort space, but you have to consider if there is enough room to fit a chair’s armrests under the table as well (this should especially noted when considering chairs that will be placed near the legs of the table).

Dining Chair Materials and Construction

Many dining chairs are made from wood. Wood dining chairs come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Let’s consider some of the more common styles:

  • Windsor chairs have turned and angled legs and saddled seats. The back of the chair has spindles.
  • Slat-back chairs have one or more flat vertical slat supports on the back and straight legs.
  • Ladder-back chairs are similar to slat-back chairs but have horizontal supports emulating a ladder.
  • A parson’s dining chair is tall and has an upholstered seat and back.

Furthermore, some dining chairs can come in the metal variety. Metal dining room chairs can be just as eye pleasing as wood dining chairs, with styles ranging from simple to intricately ornate. Metal chairs are usually upholstered to compensate to counter the hard, metal material used to outline the chair.

Dining room table chairs can come with a variety of upholstery fabrics. Cotton/poly blends are comfortable and soft to the touch. Tightly-woven fabrics last longer and provide better wear. If you have one child or more in the family, you may want to consider a dining chair fabric that is resistant to stains.

You may want to protect your floor from scratches made from dining chairs. There are several options to consider such as felt tips, but the best solution may be to purchase an area rug.

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