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Dining chairs & barstools

Dining Chairs and Barstools

Enhance your space with dining chairs and barstools. They provide extra seating options for friends or family to gather and enjoy food, drinks and conversation.

Choosing a Back Type

Perhaps the first consideration you should make is regarding back styles. Barstools come in high-, low- and no-back designs. A high-back stool is very similar to a dining room chair, albeit with a little more height. The low-back stool is a more modern design and often look best in a contemporary settings. The no-back option is completely devoid of any backrest, but are the preferred option of many. However, all three perform the same and whichever you find most pleasing aesthetically will still serve you well.


How high you need or want the barstool is paramount. A good rule of thumb, regardless of whether you have a short counter height or a full standing bar, is to have the seat height of the stool or chair approximately seven to 12-inches shorter than the top of the table or bar surface it will be seated at.


Choosing the right finish to match your interior is also important. We have light, antique, dark and more to complement your home.


At Sam’s Club, we carry upholstered dining chairs, leather dining chairs, wooden barstools and other seating options by top names like Lauren Wells, Amsco and Topline Furniture. All of these and more have been trusted by our customers for years and will serve you well.

Once you have your barstools and dining chairs picked out, check out our other selection of furniture for additional pieces you might need.

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