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Solitaire rings

The Stunning Beauty of Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamonds will always be timeless celebrations of beauty. Diamond jewelry is elegant, sophisticated, and a class apart, perfectly suited to represent a lifelong love. A diamond solitaire ring is a ring in which a diamond is placed alone in a setting where the beauty of the stone is showcased. A diamond solitaire can be designed so that the diamond stands alone or, in a diamond solitaire plus setting, so that the stone is accented by additional side-set diamonds or other stones. Diamond solitaire rings are a traditional, and beautiful, choice for engagement rings.

Choosing a Diamond Solitaire Ring

The selection of rings available is almost endless, so choosing which is right for you is a matter of narrowing down the options. You can pinpoint rings that are ideal for you by considering factors such as diamond size, metal types, and ring design style. When it comes to choosing a diamond size for the rings you target, think about the look you’re going for and also keep your budget in mind; a larger diamond solitaire will generally be more expensive. The most common metal choices available in diamond solitaire rings are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. Which metal is right for your ring purchase is largely a matter of personal preference.

Shopping for Diamond Rings: The Four Cs

When choosing a diamond solitaire, it is important to be aware of how diamonds are classified. Diamond quality is judged on the basis of the following factors.

Diamond Solitaire Cut

“Cut” refers to the shape and proportion of a diamond. A well cut and proportioned diamond better showcases the gem’s beauty and will be more brilliant and visually appealing.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to the number of flaws a gem contains. A diamond with fewer flaws, or inclusions, is generally more desirable. Many flaws, however, are not visible to the naked eye.

Diamond Color

Diamonds come in many different colors, but colorless diamonds are the most familiar and are generally considered the most valuable.

Carat Size

Diamonds are measured in carats. A carat is measured in parts called points. One carat is divided into a hundred points. A larger number of carats denotes a larger diamond size. Rings can contain a “total carat weight” that designates the sum carat weight of the multiple diamonds in the rings.

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