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Diamond necklaces & pendants

Choosing a Metal Type for Diamond Bracelets and Necklaces

There are a number of metals to choose from for your diamond necklace or bracelet:

  • Platinum is a very popular choice because of its strength and durability. It has a light, silver look, which can add a sleek, sophisticated appearance to your diamond jewelry piece.
  • White gold has a similar look to platinum, but is a softer metal.
  • Yellow gold has been a classic choice of many consumers for a long time. It creates a rich, warm tone that accentuates the diamonds in your bracelet or necklace.

Which metal type is right for your diamond jewelry piece depends upon the look you’re trying to create, your style preferences, and the skin tone of the wearer. Some skin tones are best complemented by platinum or white gold while some are set off by yellow gold. If you are choosing a diamond jewelry piece to be worn with other specific pieces, it’s usually a good idea to choose the same metal color for your new jewelry addition.

Diamond Shapes

There are many different diamond shapes well suited for presentation in a bracelet or necklace. Some of the most common diamond shapes are: princess, round, emerald, oval, radiant, and pear. Depending on the style of bracelets and necklaces you favor, you’ll likely find a diamond shape that suits you and your jewelry better than others.

Diamond Necklace Types

Riviera diamond necklaces make a dramatic display of diamonds around the entire piece. These necklaces are a dazzling choice for a formal affair, yet can be worn in many settings. We offer Riviera diamond necklaces in a variety of carats and diamond shapes.

Diamond pendants are also available in varying carats and diamond shapes as well as metal types. Diamond pendants can be as unique as the wearer. In shapes from hearts to keys to baby shoes, diamond pendants can commemorate a milestone, celebrate an event, or embellish a neck just because. You’ll be able to find a diamond pendant to suit any style.

Journey diamond necklaces have recently become a popular choice for celebrating relationships and anniversaries. They create a graceful, elegant look. A diamond circle necklace provides a balanced shape that flatters any neck. Diamond circles come in a wide variety of sizes and metal colors. A jewelry classic, the diamond cross necklace is always popular. We bring you a range of styles and carat weights. In a 3-stone diamond necklace, three individual diamonds can be arranged in a variety of shapes, including vertical lines and triangles.

Types of Diamond Bracelets

One of the most popular diamond bracelets is the diamond tennis bracelet. Diamonds are displayed around the bracelet and fitted in either a white gold or a yellow gold setting. Diamond tennis bracelets are versatile enough to wear in both formal and non-formal settings. A diamond tennis bracelet flatters any wrist.

Diamond cuff bracelets wrap around the wrist, yet leave some space between ends to create a modern, sophisticated statement. Diamond cuffs frequently appear on the arms of celebrities at red-carpet events, providing an elegant accent to formal attire.

Diamond bangle bracelets provide a bit of a different look. We offer diamond bangles in a variety of carat weights. Multiple diamond bangle bracelets, layered on an arm, can create a stylishly stunning look. We offer diamond bangles in a number of different styles and metal types.

Buying Tips for Diamond Necklaces and Diamond Bracelets

  • While diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets make spectacular gifts, the many options available when it comes to choosing diamond jewelry can make selecting a gift challenging. If you’re not sure about what diamond shape, setting, or metal type to choose, sneak a peek at other jewelry your intended recipient owns to get an idea of her style preferences. Once you know what looks she favors, you’ll be prepared to choose a diamond necklace or bracelet that she’ll love.
  • Diamond necklaces go well with diamond bracelets! To create a truly show-stopping look, purchase a set of diamond jewelry. Choose diamond shapes and metal settings that complement one another as you choose a bracelet and necklace to go together. Whether you wear your diamond necklace and diamond bracelet for special occasions or every day, you’re sure to make a splash!

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