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Diamond earrings

Sam’s Club offers a variety of certified fine diamond earrings. Our beautiful diamond earrings are known for their brilliance and sparkle. Search our wide selection of cuts, carat sizes, metal types, and more to find the perfect pair of diamond earrings today.

How are diamond earrings rated?

Diamonds within diamond jewelry are rated by four, major factors:

  • A set of diamond earring’s ‘cut’ determines how much light the diamonds reflect. Cost and brilliance are usually contingent on the cut’s rating. The ratings ascend from poor, fair, good, very good, and ideal (the highest rating).
  • Diamond earrings’ ‘color’ refers to how little color the stones host (the less color the better). The rating system goes from D (absolutely colorless) to J (color slightly detectable). Gemologists do not place any lower color grades than J in high regard, but the ultimate decision is always placed on the consumer.
  • ‘Clarity’ refers to how many flaws diamonds host and how visible each one is to the naked eye. The rating system goes from F (flawless – which is rare); to IF (internally flawless); to VVS1 and VVS2 (very small flaws or ‘inclusions’); VS1 and VS2 (very small inclusions – practically invisible to the naked eye); SI1 and SI2 (slightly included (flaws)); and I1, 2, and 3 (included, very-visible flaws).
  • ‘Carat’ refers to the weight and the size of the stones within the diamond earrings set. Prices usually increase with the weight of the diamonds because larger diamonds are rare.

What types of diamond earring sets are available?

Diamond stud earrings may be the most popular to give as a gift. Diamond stud earring sets feature one diamond for each ear. Sizes and shapes vary, so it may be best to get an idea of the particular taste of the receiver if you’re buying them as a gift.

Some common diamond shapes include princess, round, emerald, oval, radiant, and pear.

Diamond journey earrings feature several diamonds usually arranged in a vertical line. This presents a contrasted look from the single-diamond stud earrings. Styles, metals, and settings do vary, so there are additional choices to be made.

Three-stone diamond earrings feature three, individually-set diamonds. Styles vary: some diamonds are arranged in a vertical fashion, some are arranged in a triangle shape, and others vary. Three-stone diamond earrings are very elegant and may be most optimal for formal affairs, while diamond stud earrings, though glamorous, can be worn in most settings.

What other factors should I consider with my diamond jewelry purchase?

  • Diamond stud earrings attach to the ear by a hinged or post style clasp. A post style involves a metal rod attached to the back of the diamonds’ settings with a butterfly-looking clasp attaching for security. A diamond hangs below a hinge and the earring is held in place by a French wire (fish hook-looking device) with a hinged style. Neither style affects the glamour of the diamond jewelry, yet the wearer may have a preference.
  • It is difficult to purchase diamond jewelry for others. To get a better sense of what style to purchase, peruse magazines and stores with the receiver, and then purchase accordingly.
  • Three metals can be associated with a diamond jewelry purchase: platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. As with other elements of style, it is best to gain an understanding of personal tastes if you’re buying the diamond earrings as a gift.

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