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Deli Platters, Trays & Meals

When life gets busy, remember that you can always pick up a variety of ready meals at the Sam's Club® deli.

Ready-to-Serve Meals

In addition to a wide array of sandwich trays and deli platters, there are lots of options for ready meals, including pizzas, chicken and beef kabobs, seasoned rotisserie chickens, pasta dishes and enchiladas. Once you've chosen your main dishes, don't forget to check out the selection of prepared side dishes, ranging from potato salad to green vegetable sides. After a long day, you and your family will love the freshness, the flavors and the convenience of having ready-to-serve meals. Food from the Sam's Club deli is also an excellent option for those nights when you're leaving the kids with a babysitter. What could be easier?

Party Trays & Platters

If you're hosting a party, you can count on the deli at Sam's Club to put together beautiful party trays for you and your guests. From appetizers with deli cheese and deli meat to sandwich platters and seafood party trays, there's something for every type of gathering. Looking for something light to serve your guests? There are also fruit trays available. Cut fruit is the perfect finger food to snack on. Plus, the colorful display will add visual appeal to your table.


Cheese is so versatile, and with the selection of cheese at Sam's Club, you'll always have new ones to taste and sample. A party tray with fruit and cheese is always welcome as an appetizer before a meal, or to set out for the family in the afternoon. Another option is to hand-select a few cheeses and create your own cheese platter. Add some cured meat, nuts, and fruit and you'll be ready to entertain. When you're creating your own cheese tray, select at least three cheeses, and vary their flavors and textures. For example, pick one that's spreadable, one with an added flavor like herbs or garlic, and a third with a firm texture and a nutty flavor, such as Manchego.