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Crates & carriers

Shopping for Dog Crates & Dog Carriers

Sam’s club has a great many options for crates and carriers for your dog. Many people want to travel with their dogs, but don’t want to use conventional crates and carriers that will keep their pet confined. Leaving your dog behind is an option, but you may still need a crate to keep him safe, and will probably need someone to help out by looking in on your pet. If your dog loves to go for a ride in the car, but you don’t love what happens to your car afterwards, go to Sam’s Club for rear seat protectors, door protectors and cargo protectors. These affordably priced items will allow your dog to travel the same way you do without tearing up your car’s interior. For smaller dogs, a travel bed can provide comfort and convenience, and when you arrive at your destination, retractable gates can limit your dog to safe areas.

Don’t leave your dog stuck at home any longer while you’re traveling. Keep your companion close at hand where you can make sure he or she is safe and happy by finding great dog travel products through Sam’s Club.

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