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Craft pens & pencils

Craft Pens and Craft Pencils Buying Guide

  • Colored pencil and pens produce some fantastic results for any type of arts and crafts. These products can be used by children and professional designers and artists alike. Craft pens and craft pencils are available in different types and styles. Whether you’re looking for a glitter glue pen for your child, colored markers, or a pen with colored ink for your scrapbook, you can shop them all right here at Sam’s Club. Colored pen and pencil sets are available in an assortment of one to fourteen different colors in a variety of numbers.
  • Look for a color pen set that won’t dry out quickly if the cap is left off for a long period of time.
  • Look for sets with convenient packaging that can make it easy for you to store and use the craft pencils and craft pens.
  • If possible, check the thickness of the leads in the color pencil sets for break-free drawing.
  • Ensure the craft pens and craft pencils are non-toxic.

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