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Microwaves & Kitchen Countertop Supplies

You will be hard pressed to find a restaurant countertop that doesn’t have a microwave on it. Restaurants and food service businesses rely on microwaves to heat and melt items that do not require a stove or oven. Whether you have a large commercial kitchen or a smaller restaurant or food service business, Sam’s Club will have just the right microwave for you. And to keep your hot foot as hot as possible until service, Sam’s Club also carries restaurant countertop warming lamps that provide adjustable height for versatility and 500-watt power for reliability.

Other restaurant countertop must-haves are all the various slicers and cutters that are needed for fast and efficient food preparation such as fry cutters, apple slicers and onion blossom cutters. There’s probably not a cook around who wouldn’t want a fry cutter to make fast work of slicing potatoes for fries. With this kitchen countertop gadget from Sam’s Club, anyone can turn a whole potato into ribbon fries, hash browns or even spiral fries in minutes. Sam’s Club also carries a great selection of restaurant countertop blenders so you’ll creamy shakes, refreshing smoothies and silky sauces every time.

When you are shopping for appliances for your restaurant countertop space, you will find everything you need at Sam’s Club. So check out the amazing savings and get all the countertop items you need at Sam’s Club, today!

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