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Countertop appliances

Countertop Appliances

When looking for kitchen countertop appliances, there are a number of factors you might want to consider before making your purchase. Whether you're in the market for a set of salt and pepper shakers, a slow cooker to make mouth-watering roasts or a new toaster, Sam's Club® offers a wide array of countertop appliances to meet your needs.

Choosing Countertop Appliances

The first consideration you should think about before making a purchase is how much physical space you need or have available. For example, if space is at a premium in your kitchen, which is the case in many apartments, and you’re eager to use an ice cream maker, a 1-liter ice cream maker might make more sense than one that is substantially larger, say at 6 quarts.

Along similar lines, consider the aesthetics of your physical space as well when it comes to choosing your portable kitchen appliances. Whether you're picking up an air fryer, a snow cone cart or a vacuum sealer, there are several options when it comes to the style of each appliance. Are you looking for something that has modern lines and colors to blend in with your new decor, or would it be better for your overall kitchen design to have something with a classic look and finish?

Appliance Features

Depending on what sort of countertop cooking appliances you’re looking for, there are a host of features that you might want to consider. Many kitchen appliances have useful timers, auto-cook functions and scratch-resistant finishes. And, depending on the item, you may find child-safety features to protect the little ones.

Regardless of what kitchen accessories or other kitchen small appliances you're after, Sam's Club® is dedicated to providing plenty of options and a convenient shopping experience.

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