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Counterfeit detection

Counterfeit Protection Equipment

A lack of good counterfeit detection supplies can destroy your business. It’s not just about the lost income of being passed a few phony hundreds. Your bigger concern should be inadvertently giving out counterfeit bills to your customers, and generating a reputation as being a business that cannot protect itself or the people who utilize its services.

If you think you can’t afford quality counterfeit detection supplies, you need to look at what Sam’s Club has to offer. Here you’ll find digital bill counters with ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection, so you can not only get a quick and solid count of the day’s take, but you can spot counterfeit bills and get them out of circulation fast. At Sam’s Club, you’ll also find cheap and easy counterfeit detection pens. Just stroke the pen across the suspect bill and a change in color will tell you right away whether you’ve been passed a bill you need to worry about.

Identity theft is also a concern these days, so you may want to invest in a fake ID detector. These devices are extremely affordable through Sam’s Club and may help you spot an identity thief fast, which not only protects your business, but will probably win you a big fan in the person whose identity has been stolen.

Counterfeit detectors are vital, and with Sam’s Club, quite affordable, so get the counterfeit protection equipment you need from Sam’s Club today.

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