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In the early days of cordless phones, the battery was very much an issue as they required frequent recharging before use. Today’s battery technology has improved dramatically and cordless phone batteries hold much longer charges, providing longer talk times.

Nevertheless, all cordless phone batteries require the handset to be placed back into the cradle to recharge, which can frequently be a problem, especially if you’ve got family members making calls around the house. Once you’re lucky enough to find the handset, it probably has only a little power left, maybe enough for a short call or two.

That’s why it can be a good idea to purchase a back-up cordless phone battery, even if you use your cordless phone infrequently, so that you always have a cordless phone battery charged and ready when you need to make calls, especially in case of emergencies. Having a back-up cordless phone battery will ensure you can make calls when you want to, or need to.

Not only are our cordless phone batteries more affordable than having to buy replacement parts from the manufacturer, they may even have a longer lifespan than the battery that comes with your cordless phone. Many aftermarket cordless phone batteries are designed with better materials and give even better performance than the original battery.

The cordless phone batteries at Sam’s Club are designed give you long talk-times and require fewer recharges between calls. When you want to keep a spare cordless phone battery on hand and charged so that you never miss a call, you’ll find great-performing replacement cordless phone batteries right here. And you’ll find them at affordable prices.

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