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Cooking utensils

Spatulas, Scoops, Cutlery & More Kitchen Utensils

Once again, Sam’s Club comes to the rescue with restaurant kitchen utensils to fulfill your kitchen needs. Whether you’re looking for spatulas for flipping burgers, eggs or pancakes, scoops for ice cream or fruit, baker’s spoons and ladles, tongs or cutting boards, you’ll find everything at Sam’s Club, at prices designed for restaurants operating on a tight budget.

And these great items are far from just commercial kitchen utensils. Sam’s Club also has a full selection of high quality, affordable cutlery. No chef would cook without access to top quality knives, and Sam’s Club has you covered with titanium bonded blades. You’ll also find great bowls, colanders and kitchen accessories at prices you won’t believe.

So don’t put together a great kitchen for your restaurant or home without the best utensils on hand. Find restaurant kitchen utensils with high quality workmanship at fantastic prices at Sam’s Club, today!

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