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Contact solution & eye drops

Contact Solution and Eye Drops

Having the right contact solutions and eye drops is an important part of taking care of your vision. Sam's Club® carries complete lines of contact solutions, eye drops and eye care accessories that help you maintain the health of your eyes at members-only prices.

Choosing a Contact Solution

Contact lens solutions come in two basic formulas that have an impact on your overall eye care. Brands like Bausch and Lomb and Opti-Free offer multipurpose solutions that clean and disinfest your lenses in one step. With these solutions, you simply remove your contacts, rinse them carefully with the solution and soak them in the case for the recommended time period. This no-rub solution reduces lenses handling while still removing the deposits that build up during wear.

There are also hydrogen peroxide based solutions like those from Clear Care. These products clean and disinfect your contact lenses, but do require more care. The solution must be used with the provided case to make sure the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized before putting the lenses back into your eyes to avoid injury. Peroxide-based solutions don't contain preservatives, making them a good choice for those who have sensitive eyes.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are an effective option for treating dryness, redness and slight irritation. These traditional eye drops help you deal with occasional redness and dryness, such as what occurs with allergies. For those with very dry eyes, lubricant drops provide fast relief after applying them. If you have dryness that causes serious discomfort, make sure to check with your eye care professional.

Eye Care Accessories

After choosing the right contact lens solution and eye drops, make sure to check out other eye care accessories. From lens cleaning wipes for glasses to single-use drops, you'll find everything you need for proper eye care at Sam's Club.

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