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Commercial trash cans

Commercial Trash Cans

Sam’s Club® has a wide range of commercial trash cans available. We also have receptacles to make sorting recycling quick and easy.

Types of Commercial Trash Cans

Small, plastic garbage cans by Rubbermaid,® which are available with or without lids, are excellent for bathrooms and offices. Rubbermaid’s large Brute trash cans are great for taking out the weekly trash at home but can also be used on work sites and for gardening tasks.

The top-rated sensor trash cans from Nine Star® are made of durable stainless steel and give your home a contemporary look. These particular trash can lids are equipped with sensors to open when you are within range and automatically close when you are out of range, so you can use them hands-free.

Recycle bins and cans can hold all types of recycling material for both home and industrial use. Recycling receptacles also have multiple labeled slots so your customers and associates can easily discard trash and recyclables.

Choosing a Commercial Trash Can

When you are ready to purchase a new commercial trash can from Sam’s Club, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

For trash cans to place outside your business, lidded trash cans and cigarette receptacles by Safco® will help keep your store front or office free from debris.

If you are looking for a trash can to keep at home, lidded trash cans, such as stainless steel sensor or plastic receptacles with step operation, keep odors at bay. These are also hands-free, which means you can toss trash without touching the trash can.

These tips should help you find the ideal commercial trash can at Sam’s Club. No matter the style, function or budget you have, you'll find just what you need.

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