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Commercial & office

Commercial and Office

Commercial cordless phones offer several important benefits over cell phones. They deliver better sound quality and comfort, especially during lengthy phone conversations. They can also be linked to a physical address, which is invaluable during emergencies. At Sam’s Club®, you’ll find a wide selection of options.

Phone Features

Before you make a decision on a cordless telephone, take some time to carefully consider your needs. Digital cordless phones come with dozens of features. There are even top models that allow you to pair your cell phone to a cordless system. This way you can conveniently receive your messages and make calls through your mobile line using the cordless handset.

Other office-friendly features that you may want to consider include call blocking and caller ID. If you plan on getting a multi-phone system that will work in the office as well as the board room, consider choosing a model that comes with a speakerphone and intercom (or conferencing) features.

Answering Machines

Not all cordless phones at Sam's Club come with built-in answering machines. If you want this feature, you’ll need to pick a model that does. Besides an answering machine, digital cordless phones may also come with audible message alerts, a long recording time (10 minutes and more) and the ability to record a greeting.

Single Cordless Phone or Multi-Handset

Another decision that you’ll have to make is whether you want a single handset phone or one that comes with multiple units. A single phone works best for smaller offices since you're generally close by to answer the call. Multiple handsets give you a little more flexibility. You can station different phones in various sections of an office for various users.

Corded Bases

Corded telephone systems are a classic way to conduct calls, but come with a lot of updated features like LCD displays for easily viewing incoming phone numbers and more. They are ideal for business use with some models that come with cordless handsets for added convenience.

Regardless of your needs, whether you’re searching for a cordless phone with a base or a phone that comes with Bluetooth support, you’ll find it here at Sam’s Club. We carry a wide collection of phones, including popular brands like AT&T and Panasonic.

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