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Find the right comforter for your bed at Sam’s Club®. We carry an excellent variety to suit any home.

Types of Comforters

Eddie Bauer manufacturers a beautiful line of top-quality comforters that are made with durable cotton and filled with goose down. Comfortable and hypoallergenic comforters, like those by IZOD, have a superb weight and are anti-allergy and anti-microbial, meaning they do not hinder the sleep of those who suffer allergic reactions to down materials. ELLE Home offers a variety of fillings and materials, down, down alternative and feather/down mixes.

Purchasing a New Comforter

Because there are so many different types of comforters, there are many things to keep in mind when you are on the hunt for a new one.

Most comforters are crafted with durable cotton shells, but the filling varies per piece. Those who find themselves allergic to down or feathers should seek hypoallergenic or down-alternative comforters.

Aesthetic appearance is another factor to consider. Some comforters are used as-is, while some are used as the blanket filling for duvet covers, which add their own splash of color and style to your bed.

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