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Coffee makers

Coffee Makers

Coffee lovers agree: The day doesn't really start until you've had your first cup of your favorite brew. And that all starts with having the right coffee maker in your kitchen. It is one of the most popular small appliances offered at Sam's Club® and is available in many styles from a variety of brands.


If you only need to brew one perfect cup of coffee at a time, your coffee maker requirements are going to be different than those of someone who needs an entire pot for the office or a larger quantity for a hospitality situation. For you, a mini coffee maker or one that uses cups or pods for individual servings would be ideal. If you routinely serve several people at a time or drink several cups throughout the day, a machine that brews an entire pot at once is a better choice. If your needs vary, consider something like a Ninja Coffee Bar that gives you both single-serve and multiple cup options.

Brewing Methods Vary

While you will mostly find electric coffee makers that use a drip method for brewing, there are other options available as well. A French Press is a wonderful option that requires no electricity, just hot water and the grounds of your choice. If you prefer your coffee dark and strong, consider espresso machines to add to your kitchen. These machines allow you to create some of the most popular drinks from your favorite coffee shop, at a fraction of the price.

Special Features

Some features to consider for your next coffee maker include built-in grinders so you can select your own preferred coffee experience. A coffee maker with a timer lets you set up your morning brew the night before so when you wake, your cup of java is ready and waiting for you. Want to keep your brew hot and ready to drink for longer? A thermal carafe can help with that. You can take it right to the table or keep it next to your desk for added convenience.

Coffee Maker Brands

At Sam's Club, you'll find a selection of quality coffee makers from name brands you know and trust. Brands like Braun, KitchenAid, Keurig and Mr. Coffee all make an excellent cup of joe to help you get through your day or to serve to family and friends. Buying online lets you compare features between them and take advantage of our member-only pricing as well.

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