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Coffee tables

How large or small of a coffee table should I purchase?

The size of your coffee table should be contingent on the size of the furniture immediately surrounding it as well as remote furnishings in the room. Some people like to use their sofa or love seat cushions as a point of regulation – choose a table that is up to the cushions or a little below. In addition, when placed in front of a sofa, some believe the coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa, but this is more of a guideline than a rule.

How should my coffee table be shaped?

Many people may think of a rectangular shape when they think of a ‘coffee table’, but manufacturers get creative, thus presenting a number of options and variations to consumers.

Round, square, and other shapes of coffee tables are also available. Square tables may be more space-efficient, while round-shaped tables may present a varying geometric look to an otherwise angular room. In addition, multi-tiered coffee tables can present a chic, modern look to any living space.

What are lift-top coffee tables?

Lift-top coffee tables present more options to the owner. The table’s top can rest at a normal position in alignment with the top proportions, yet a portion of the top can lift up to make it easy to handle items present on the coffee table such as tea, treats, or chess pieces. In addition, a lift-tip coffee table can solve a size issue if it is hard to decide to get a smaller or larger table – these tables can be both!

What are trunk coffee tables?

Trunk coffee tables serve a practical function while remaining outwardly beautiful. As the name suggests, a trunk coffee table can double as a trunk so the owner can store items within its middle such as tea sets, books, toys, decorations, etc. Trunk coffee tables with a nice, wooden finish look great in just about any room of the house.

What about cocktail tables?

Cocktail tables are sometimes associated with a smaller-sized entity than traditional coffee tables, but this is not necessarily true. Cocktail tables come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some cocktail tables also have the lift-top function as other coffee tables do! Smaller-sized cocktail tables can be placed on the edges of chairs and sofas or larger-sized ones can be placed in a more central position to address a variety of functions.

What about calypso tables?

Calypso tables are smaller versions of cocktail tables or coffee tables, though their size does not take away from their grace. Calypso tables come in different shapes and sizes, so they can be excellent supplementary pieces. Many consumers choose to purchase a set of calypso tables in order to address several needs while adding aesthetic pleasure to the room.

What are some other coffee table ideas?

  • Some consumers think about one, big coffee table when making a purchase, but what about purchasing a few, smaller coffee tables instead? There is no written rule as to how many coffee tables a room can house. A large room may warrant more space than one coffee table can address.
  • Calypso tables can serve vases, statues, or other art pieces well. Calypso tables can be nicely situated in the corner, brightening an otherwise unused portion of the room.
  • Coffee tables and rugs go nicely together. Lucky for you Sam’s Club also offers a variety of beautiful rugs for you to choose from.

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