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Clothes racks & hangers

Clothes Racks and Hangers

To keep your closets neat and organized, Sam’s Club® carries a range of clothes racks and hangers to make storing your personal items easy. Whether you are looking for hangers for shirts and pants, or a tidy device to help you line-dry your clothes, Sam’s Club is sure to have what you are looking for.

Rack and Hanger Types

Hangers are a common household item that help you keep your clothing organized and wrinkle free. There are many types of hangers. At Sam’s Club, we carry classic wooden hangers with twistable metal hooks that are excellent for heavier garments such as suits and dresses. We also have plastic hangers with clips for pants, so you can easily store many types of clothing.

When you are shopping for new clothing racks and hangers at Sam’s Club, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are looking for new hangers, figure out the style your prefer for the items you want to hang. For example, if you plan on hanging jeans and skirts, hangers with clips are ideal for this purpose, while hangers without clips are better suited for tops and jackets.

Clothing Racks and Clotheslines

Clothing racks, such as those that are kept inside or outside your closet, help you store clothing, shoes and other wardrobe accessories, neatly and conveniently. The clothing racks at Sam’s Club come in different styles, such as rotary, folding, horizontal and vertical, so you can find the perfect device for storing or drying your wardrobe.

Clothes racks are necessary when you want to fold and store clothes and shoes in an organized manner, while clotheslines help you easily hang-dry your clothes.

Clotheslines are popular for those who prefer to line dry their laundry and these can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on preference.

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