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Alarm Clocks, Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks & More

Clocks are simple and practical. Ever since their invention, clocks and timepieces have come in different colors, shapes and styles. From elegant to sporty, stylish to functional, clocks are a great addition to any room.

There’s nothing more practical than an alarm clock. Sure, your phone has an alarm, but what happens if it runs out of battery, or if you leave it in another room? Get an old-fashioned round table-clock with an alarm for your nightstand. The ding-ding of this alarm each morning will take you back to a time before singing cell phones and blaring digital alarms.

Clocks can also be a centerpiece of a table or mantel in your home. Choose from all kinds of different styles with lots of character. These clocks act as a timepiece and an important part of your décor. Shop Sam’s Club for several unique designs that you aren’t likely to find in other stores. These eye-catching handcrafted designs will add a touch of sophistication to any home.

From clocks that play melodies at the top of each hour, to ones that automatically adjust for daylight-saving time, you’ll find the perfect clock when you shop at Sam’s Club. Keep time in style, when you pick up a new clock at a low price today.

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