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Clips & rubber bands

Clips & Rubber Bands

Sam’s Club carries a variety of clips and rubber bands, to help you keep your paperwork, documents and other items secure and organized.

Best-selling and top-rated ACCO® manufactures durable paper clips and binder clips in a variety of sizes, as well as rubber band balls. These items protect documents without causing rips and tears and keep them sorted, whether at home or the office.

Alliance® rubber bands are strong and come in many sizes and colors. The brand also carries non-latex rubber bands, which are great for use in medical offices, as well as supersize bands that are large enough to secure loose garbage bags to a receptacle.

Large packs of push pins by Universal® come in a variety of colors and are great for offices to post important notices and calendars.

X-ACTO® large-sized bulldog clips are nickel-plated and enforced with the strength of steel, having the ability to hold many papers and folders together. There are even magnetic versions so you can easily hang papers and other important office supplies from magnet boards or refrigerators.

Choosing Clips & Rubber Bands

Are you looking for clipboards for your medical office to help guests fill out paperwork with ease?

Do you create posters for work or school presentations? Keeping rubber bands on hand will help you wrap up your poster to easily and safely transport it from home to the classroom or office.

Do you have different types of papers to keep sorted? The right type of clip you need will depend on the amount of papers you have to keep bound.

No matter which office supplies you need, you can find them at Sam's Club.

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