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Clipboards & copy stands

Plastic Clipboards, Metal Clipboards, Copy Stands & More

If you find yourself in need of clipboards, copy stands and document clips for your home, school, or office, you’ll want to check out Sam’s Club first. We’ve got some of the highest quality clipboards you’re likely to find, in classic brown hardboard or aluminum. These clipboards get the job done, and at Sam’s Club prices, you can easily order as many as you need. Quality clipboards are great for sports coaches, educators, factory foremen, note takers and just about any other vocation that requires the use of documents that are one or just a few pages long, such as lists, sketches, or basic notes.

But traditional clipboards are not all you’ll find at Sam’s Club when it comes to clipboards, copy stands and the like. We offer document clips for your computer monitor to make reading a document while working on your computer a snap, as well as document holders that sit on your desktop at the perfect angle for your reading needs, clipboards with storage capacity and more. Get creative when you think about what you want in a clipboard or copy stand, and don’t make a choice until you’ve checked out the entire range of Sam’s Club offerings.

If you’re looking for clipboards for your organization, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Look over all the clipboard, copy stand, document clip and document cover options at Sam’s Club and choose all of your favorite selections today.

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