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Cleaning carts & tools

Cleaning Carts & Tools

Sam’s Club® carries a wide range of cleaning carts and tools to help keep homes, work sites and businesses clean and tidy. We have the items to make the chore of cleaning easier and more effective, no matter the task.

Types of Carts & Tools

Designed for convenience for housekeepers and janitorial staff members, cleaning carts have shelves that can hold multiple cleaning tools, are sometimes equipped with fabric bags for conveying used towels and have rotating wheels. A utility cart with wheels makes it easy to move your cleaning supplies anywhere you need them.

Sponges and cloths are helpful cleaning tools for homes and businesses. Heavy-duty sponges in convenient multi-packs by brands like Scotch-Brite, as well as durable cleaning towels allow you to clean different hard surfaces and reuse them multiple times. Swiffer’s best-selling line of dusters and wet and dry mop inserts allow for single use, deep-cleaning action.

Spray bottles are convenient cleaning tools, as they can be refilled with whatever cleansing spray you wish, such as a bleach and water mixture to tackle stains on clothing and germs on bathroom surfaces. You can also fill a bottle with window cleaner and add it to your collection of window cleaning tools.

Choosing Cleaning Carts & Tools

At Sam’s Club, we have many tools pertaining to cleaning, no matter the size of cleaning job. When you are shopping for new cleaning carts and tools, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Cleaning carts are efficient, and can help staff clean multiple areas quickly. Plus, we have the mops, gloves, dust pans and brooms to keep your space neat and tidy.

No matter what type of cleaning carts and tools you need, Sam’s Club has a fantastic selection.