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Cigarette receptacles

Cigarette Receptacles

At Sam’s Club®, we carry a selection of cigarette receptacles for your home or business that make disposing of cigarettes clean and efficient. These devices are not only better for the environment, as they offer an easy alternative to simply discarding cigarettes on the street, but they are also fire resistant and help keep people and surrounding areas protected from fire hazards.

Types of Cigarette Receptacles

Cigarette poles and stands are often seen outside of building entrances and come in a variety of styles and sizes. These receptacles tend to have a long “neck” with an opening along the top for smokers to discard cigarettes. The cigarette lands in a bucket hidden within the stand, making for easy cleanup and a more elegant alternative to receptacles with exposed ash and cigarette butts.

Industrial trash cans are also ideal for outside businesses and commercial centers and can work as a receptacle for both trash and cigarette butts. These trash cans sometimes have a cigarette ashtray along their lids so smokers can easily put out their cigarettes safely. There are also openings below the lid for standard trash uses. Trash cans can hold many gallons of trash, are easy to clean and are sometimes sold with accompanying cigarette stands as a matching set.

Choosing a Cigarette Receptacle

At Sam’s Club, you'll find many types of outdoor cigarette receptacles. Keep these tips in mind so that you buy the right receptacle for your needs. For a sleeker look, wall-mounted cigarette receptacles attach to the exterior of businesses and help ensure that cigarettes are not littering any entryways.

Trash cans and cigarette pole duos by Smokers’ Outpost, Ex-Cell and other top brands are great value pieces for outside busy business or commercial areas. These allow for better cigarette butt and other trash storage, helping to keep streets and sidewalks cleaner. Depending on the needs of your business, you are sure to find the proper cigarette receptacle at Sam’s Club.

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