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Chocolate candy

Chocolate Candy & Candy Bars

Chocolate lovers, Sam's Club® has your back. No matter what type of chocolate candy you crave, it's easy to find it at Sam's Club®. Are you stocking up for your home pantry, so that friends and family always have their favorite treats in the house? If so, you can easily find chocolate candy in bulk, so you never have to worry about running out.


Perhaps you're in charge of buying candy for your organization's upcoming fundraising campaign. No problem! You can pick up a box (or 10 boxes!) of each of the most popular candy bars, and then distribute them for your fundraiser. Whether you're selling them door to door or offering them for sale at school or sporting events, chocolate candy is always a hit. For fundraising, consider buying king-size candy bars in bulk. They offer an excellent value for both you and the people you're selling to.

Candy Bars

If you run a small business such a convenience store, you know how popular chocolate candy bars are. Buy bulk candy bars to save money and increase your store's profits. The same goes for a vending machine business, so be sure to buy your top-selling candy bars in bulk.

Chocolate Candy in Bulk

In addition to chocolate candy bars, Sam's Club® offers a variety of other types of chocolate candy in bulk. There are indulgent treats like chocolate covered salted caramels, chocolate truffles and specialty chocolate in decorative boxes. Satisfy your chocolate cravings at Sam's Club®, any day of the week.

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