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Care for Pet and Farm Chickens

Keep your flock safe from predators with a chicken coop from Sam's Club®. We offer a wide selection of homes for your pet or farm chickens that are suitable for different climates and varying flock sizes. Along with chicken coops for your backyard or farm, we also carry feed, drink and other supplies to help keep your chickens both clean and healthy.

Chicken Coops

Quality made, our chicken coops offer wood construction for added sturdiness along with shingled roofs for protection against harsh weather. In varying sizes and styles, most provide enclosed space indoors and a mesh wire run. Other designs include two-story, tower and barn-like coops with nesting boxes and roosting barns. Each kit comes with everything you’ll need for quick assembly.

Mini Coops and Simple Chicken Coops

Simpler designs are also available for chicken pet owners or farmers with only one to two chickens. These mini or small chicken coops offer plastic construction and are easy to set up and take down. Set on wheels, they let you move them around the yard or farm with ease. All you’ll need is a garden hose to keep these coops clean and sanitary.

Chicken Coop Supplies and Accessories

If you want your hen to supply you with eggs, you’ll want to ensure your coop has private spaces such as nesting boxes. Other essential items you’ll need for a healthy coop include dry bedding, water cups and feeders. If you have problems with predators at nighttime, invest in a motion sensor light to scare them away. Just as important, you’ll want to make sure the chickens have healthy water and nutritious diets.

Whether you are looking for a basic or elaborate chicken coop, you’ll find what you need at Sam’s Club. Shop here with confidence in our members-only prices.

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