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Charcoal & propane

Barbecue Fuels

If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, then grills that use charcoal may be your preferred choice. Charcoal grills can cook food at especially high temperatures, making the food really succulent or alternatively, charcoal grills can also cook the food slowly at low temperatures to create the authentic smoky flavor that is typical to a charcoal grill. However, charcoal grills take a long time to heat up. The cleaning of charcoal grills can be quite messy as well. Charcoal grills are also easily portable can be used in any open space, including tailgating, the beach, or picnicking.

Propane Grills

While a grill that uses propane rather than charcoal can cost more initially, you may find it to be more cost-effective in the long run. Like many charcoal grills, many propane grills can also be transported easily. Unlike charcoal grills, this type of barbeque grill can also be used in closed spaces by such as those living in apartments. As a propane grill is easy to light and is ready to cook in a relatively short period of time, it is often an ideal choice for entertaining, and it makes it easier to cook for a large group of people due to the speed of cooking. Propane grills are also versatile and convenient, and allow for cleaner cooking. It’s also much easier to clean than many traditional charcoal grills and can be trusted to produce the same amount of heat every time you use it.

Cooking with Fuel

No matter what type of grill you’re cooking with – either a charcoal, traditional type or a gas, modern type of grill – you can find the fuel you’ll need to heat up the grill right here at Sam’s Club.

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