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Changing tables & dressers

What is a Changing Table?

A changing table, also known as a changing station, forms a part of the baby furniture collection. The top of the table has space for a changing mat where you can place your baby when you’re changing their diaper, and below are compartments such as shelves or drawers where you can store changing accessories like diapers, wipes, cotton wool, change of clothes, rash cream, and more.

What Factors Should you Keep in Mind When Selecting a Changing Table?

Some of the things you may wish to consider before buying such a table includes:

  • The height of the table – you may want to opt for a table that is at a height comfortable for you when you change your baby’s diaper. A table which is too high and causes you to reach up can be uncomfortable, and a table which is too low can literally be a pain in the back.

  • The storage options of the table – you may want to check if the table has adequate storage facilities so that you can store everything you need for a diaper change within easy reach.

  • The size of the table – you may want to check the amount of space you have in the nursery in order to buy a table of the right size.

Organize all the accessories you require to change your baby’s diapers in one place with a changing table. Browse the entire collection at Sam’s Club and find one that can best meet your needs.

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