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Folding Chair Carts

Does your office need a large number of folding chairs from time to time? Maybe for a conference or presentation? Do you work for an organization that hosts events such as parties and weddings? How about a school that effortlessly turns the gymnasium into a theater for the spring play? There are so many uses for the ever useful and versatile folding and stacking chairs. The problem is, what do you do with them when they aren’t being used?

Office carts are a must if you have a large number of chairs that need to be stored or transported. Made from heavy-duty, industrial grade steel and welded iron, these office carts will last as long as the chairs do – maybe longer. Each cart is equipped with durable casters, some of which swivel for easy steering.

The cart you choose will depend on the types of chairs you have, how many chairs you have and where you plan to store them. Folding chair trucks and storage carts are only slightly wider than the chairs allowing these handy trucks to transport a lot of chairs and still squeeze into a small spot in your storage room. Stacking chair carts and dollies are constructed of steel tubing and are made to last. Stack the chairs high and then simply roll them where you need to go. It’s that easy.

Whether you’re trying to transport folding or stacking chairs at a church, office, school or hotel banquet, Sam’s Club has the office carts you need. Take advantage of the low prices on high quality carts and office furniture today.

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