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Chain saws & wood chippers

Wood Chipper

The type of wood chipper you choose will depend on your garden care needs. If you need a wood chipper for just mulching twigs or leaves, then a basic wood chipper can serve your purpose. The smaller the chipper, the more lightweight, and less expensive. The bigger the wood chipper, the heavier and more expensive. For heavier twigs and branches, select a chipper with more power capabilities.

The size of your garden dictates what type of chipper you should buy. If your garden is small, then consider buying a chipper which is stationary. A stationary chipper means that you can bring your organic garden litter to the chipper to be processed. If you have a medium to large sized garden, the look for a chipper which is portable. A portable chipper can be towed or pulled around the garden and the machine ‘eats’ the twigs and leaves to process it.

You should also consider the RPM (revolutions per minute) and the horsepower of the chipper. Higher horsepower means a stronger engine, which means heavier tasks can be accomplished.


The type of chain saw you choose will depend on what type of woodcutting you plan to undertake. If you plan to use the chain saw occasionally to cut the odd tree branch, prune hedges, or just the general tidying up of the garden, then you will probably not require a high end chain saw; but, if you plan to use the chain saw regularly to chop logs and cut timber, then a more powerful and high quality chain saw will make a better purchase for you.

A chain saw can be powered in one of two ways – electric or gas.

Electric Chain Saws


  • Lightweight and convenient to handle
  • Great for small chores
  • Easy start and stop functionality
  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance


  • Corded, so the cord can be obstructive and dangerous
  • Requires a power source

Gas Chainsaws


  • More Power to cut through timber easily
  • Great for covering a large expanse
  • Can be used anywhere as it’s not restricted by a cord


  • Noisy
  • Bulky to use
  • Requires more maintenance

Adequate safety measures should be taken, and it is highly recommended that protective gloves, protective goggles, ear defenders, heavy-duty footwear, and helmet should be worn when operating machinery.

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