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Cell phone reservations

Smartphones & Cell Phone Plans

Smartphones are indispensable, whether you need to make video calls or get directions to your next meeting. And if you need a phone for personal or business use, Sam's Club® offers a variety of phones and a wide selection of plans from different carriers.

At Sam’s Club, you can pre-order your preferred cell phone. Begin by choosing an Android or Apple phone, then select a style based upon its features and benefits. You can also specify a color and memory size in many cases. Once your order is processed and delivered, it will be available for pick-up at your local Club’s mobility/technology center.

Samsung/Android Cell Phones

Order the latest cell phone by Samsung at our exclusive members-only price. With the convenience of a click, you can pre-order your Android cell phone to help meet all of your technology needs. Nowadays, you can also use your phone as a portable entertainment device for listening to music or watching television. However, it's important that you have quality earphones or Bluetooth speakers to get that true stereo sound.


iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market today. Place your reservation with us for the newest iPhone. You’ll also find the latest cell phone accessories for the iPhone at Sam’s Club, such as protection covers, clips and charging stations. Purchase complementary Apple products such as the iPod or iPad to complete your technology package.

Cell Phone Carriers and Plans

Take care of all of your cell phone needs at Sam’s Club. We offer both pre-paid and unlimited talk/unlimited text plans from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Sign up for a plan for you or save money when you sign up for a family plan with one of our carriers.

Let Sam’s Club make the process of cell phone shopping quick and easy. Get your phone, plan and accessories here at member’s-only prices.

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