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Cat treats

Cat Treats

When it comes to giving your felines love and attention, cat treats usually go hand-in-hand with toys and cuddles. Sam's Club® carries a variety of cat supplies and treats that help you keep your kitty happy and healthy.

Choosing Healthy Cat Treats

Opting for all-natural or organic cat treats ensures your feline gets to enjoy wholesome ingredients without fillers, by-products and grains.

Natural cat treats are those that are made with whole or single ingredients. They typically don't contain added preservatives. Single-ingredient treats made from turkey, chicken and other lean meats feed your cat's carnivorous needs and let you give them a special moment outside of their traditional wet or dry cat food.

Benefits of Cat Treats

Healthy cat treats let you increase your bond with your feline. While he already knows you fill his bowl, providing a special, daily treat helps that bond increase even more. Healthy treats made from quality ingredients provide added nutrition without causing unnecessary spikes in blood sugar, making them a good choice for rewards and special times.

Cat Treats for Training

Use your feline's favorite cat treats inside interactive cat tree or discover a new perch by adding a trail of tasty treats that help him discover his soon-to-be favorite place. Pet parents who enjoy teaching their cats tricks can use healthy treats as a reward for completing the desired behavior.

The selection of cat supplies and treats at Sam's Club will help you show your feline friend how much you care. From organic treats to toys, climbing posts and scratches, Sam's has everything you need for a healthy, happy pet.

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