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Cat toys

Cat Toys

Keep your kitty active and healthy with a variety of cat toys. Sam's Club® carries numerous fun cat toys that help you and your feline friend spend quality time together.

Activity Cat Toys

Activity toys for cats provide a fun experience that stimulates your pet. These toys include balls and other moving parts that encourage your cat to pounce and uncover them, even when you aren't home. Interactive cat toys provide hours of entertainment and mental exercise, making them an ideal option for households with working pet parents.

Other interactive toys, such as lasers, let you keep your cat on the prowl. The bright beam moving across the floor entices cats of all ages, and it keeps their stalking and predatory instincts honed. Add in fur-covered weasels that have crinkled paper inside for even more stimulation.

Cat Trees

Cat trees and kitty condos include vertical aspects that appeal to felines. These cat toys for indoor cats provide the higher elevations that your cat needs for comfort, safety and exercise. Most include multiple tiers that let cats climb and jump without harming your furniture. Consider an option with hanging toys for additional entertainment.

Engaging Cat Toys

Cat toys that require you to play with your pet help build a bond between the two of you. Fishing toys and other items that dangle let you keep your cat running, chasing and jumping for hours. This playtime also makes sure your kitty knows you want to spend time with him, and it can help reduce unwanted scratching and other problematic behaviors.

Sam's Club offers a selection of cat toys online, as well as other pet care products that help you keep your felines happy and healthy. Grab a mix of toys that let your cat play on his own and with you for optimal health and fun.

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