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Cat litter

Cat Litter

Changing cat litter is a necessity for keeping your cat happy and healthy. At Sam's Club® we have the cat litter and boxes you need to make this job as easy as possible.

Choosing a Litter Box

Before you choose the litter, be sure you have the right container to put it in. Available models include simple cat litter trays to covered houses and automatic cleaning options. Some need more attention from you than others, and the amount of time needed will also depend on the number of cats you have. Litter trays can be a single tray that you fill with litter or a series of trays that let you easily dispose of waste.

A cat litter house can double as a piece of furniture like an end table or a nightstand. This gives your cat privacy and hides the actual litter from view. Other types of litter box offer outstanding odor protection as well, for example, by using pellets, instead of traditional litter, that allow urine to pass through to an absorbent pad below. Automatic options actually scoop clumps of litter away after your pet is done using them.

Picking the Best Litter

Sam's Club offers competitive pricing on name brands like Tidy Cats litter and Fresh Step as well as our own Member's Mark brand. One important feature to consider here again is the number of cats you have. Multi-cat litter offers exceptional odor control so your pets don't mind sharing a litter box. Low dust is also an important factor to consider, as these varieties expose you to fewer particles in the air and less mess to clean up.

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