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Cat feeding accessories

Cat Feeding Accessories

Making sure your cat is healthy and happy often requires more than simply pouring food from a bag. In addition to selecting the best wet or dry food, you can also select cat feeding accessories to make dinner time fun and easy. Sam's Club® offers a wide range of cat feeding stations, bowls and more so you can treat your cat right.


Cat feeding bowls come in a wide range of colors, sizes and materials. Select a set that offers enough room to hold a day's worth of food, up to 2 cups. Avoid plastic dishes when possible as cats can be allergic to them. Stainless steel cat bowls are a good option. Not only do they look great, but they are durable and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Lead-free ceramic bowls work well too. Make sure they are stable and hard to tip over to keep water and food from getting on your floors. Several options from Iconic feature non-skid bases that make them hard for cats to move around while eating.

Automatic Feeders

When you absolutely have to be away from your pet at feeding time, a self-feeding cat bowl can be the answer. This allows you to set up a time for food to be released so your cat can stay on schedule. Some offer a simple single-time dispensing, similar to an alarm clock, while others allow you to program several days' worth of feeding times for longer trips.

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When it comes to pet care items, Sam's Club offers a variety of cat feeding accessories you can use to make life easier. For example, a food storage container from Buddeez or other brands lets you keep dry food fresh and safe from your pets and other critters that might like access. Treat jars are a fun addition to your home that you can place on a kitchen counter or an end table in the living room to keep a reward close at hand.

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