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Cast iron cookware

Cast Iron Griddles, Bowls & Skillets

Cast iron pans, pots and skillets heat up quickly, evenly and consistently, and when you’re offering restaurant cooking, you need every edge. This great relationship of heat and cast iron also means that your cooks can be precise with cooking temperatures. Also, it’s tough to beat the effect on your customers when they see, smell and hear a delicious dish coming out sizzling on a cast iron griddle.

Cooking with cast iron restaurant supplies also has great health benefits. Because a well-seasoned cast iron skillet is non-stick, you don’t need a lot of oil, which means a healthier dish. In addition, that non-stick feature of a well-seasoned cast iron pot or pan is natural, making these supplies a great alternative to Teflon coated pans which contain chemicals that can pose health risks.

The other great thing about cast iron supplies is that when you buy them from Sam’s Club, they come at unbelievably low prices, especially for supplies that can last a lifetime. So if you’re ready to fill out your restaurant supply inventory the right way, order some quality cast iron cookware from Sam’s Club, today!

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