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Cash registers

Cash Registers

Sam’s Club® has a variety of cash registers and accessories for a wide array of businesses.

Types of Cash Registers

Cash registers by brands like Casio and Royal are great for stores and restaurants because their raised keyboards, clear display and multiple product lookups make it easy for you and your employees to accurately calculate points of sale for the goods customers purchase. Keys can be preset or amounts can be manually entered and multiple employees can use the same machine.

Cash registers use cash register paper rolls to display and print calculations. The types of paper these rolls use can vary, as some are premium bonded, recycled or thermal, but all provide clear readouts that help you keep track of your incoming and outgoing finances.

Best-selling ink ribbons by Epson are for use in Epson cash registers that use ribbons to transfer ink from your machine to the receipt paper. These ribbons are made to last long and provide legible printouts.

Choosing a Cash Register

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to check to see how many lookups the cash register can store. Some range from over a thousand programmable lookups to several thousand lookups. The more products you sell, the higher the lookups you will want your cash register to have. Similarly, some cash registers can be used by a few employees at once or dozens, so the number of employees you have working on most days should help you decide how important this feature is to you. You can also consider a barcode scanner that works in conjunction with cash registers. This handy device lets employees simply scan barcodes on items you sell without having to use the keyboard.

With these tips in mind, choosing a cash register at Sam’s Club should be easier.

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