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Cash boxes & money handling

Cash Boxes & Money Handling

Sam’s Club® carries a variety of cash boxes and money handling tools that make sorting and organizing coins and bills simpler and more precise. No matter what type of device you need, our selection is sure to help you keep track of large amounts of money accurately and easier.

Benefits of Money Handling Tools

Counters and sorters are electronic devices that help make counting large amounts of paper money and coins much easier. Digital coin sorters can sort up to 312 coins per minute, and many feature an LCD display to show the quantity of coins being counted and the monetary value. Cash-counting machines also have digital displays that inform you of the amount of cash being counted, and they also have UV and magnetic detectors that warn you of counterfeit bills. These devices are not only accurate, but can sort and count large amounts of bills quickly.

Coin wrappers are popular for individuals and corporations alike, as they are a simple and affordable way to help you count and store change.

Benefits of Cash Boxes

Sturdy, fire-resistant cash boxes are trusted tools that are commonly in quick-service restaurants and bars across the nation. They are often equipped with spring-loaded bill weights, are made of steel and have deadbolt locks with a push-button release, all of which serve to make these devices durable and less prone to thievery. You can also invest in a safe or other office security device to keep your money safe and secure.

Choosing the Right Money Tools

At Sam’s Club, we want to make sure you find the right money-handling tool for your needs. Focusing on the following tips should make the task easier. If you need coins sorted for personal use, coin wrappers are likely to do the trick. However, if you need to continuously count large amounts of coins or bills and easily keep track of the amount, currency counters are ideal.

Sam’s Club also has various accessories related to money handling, such as currency straps, receipt printers and finger pad tips and moisturizers, which complement your money-handling tasks and help make the responsibility of sorting and storing currency easier. Once you've equipped your office with the proper tools, keep your money safe and secure with the right office security devices.

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