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What are the meanings behind different carnation colors?

  • Pink carnations resemble a mother’s love.
  • Light red carnations are symbolic of love.
  • Dark red carnations are associated with deep love and affection.
  • White carnations can be given as a sentiment of good luck.
  • Purple carnations are associated with fun and capriciousness.
  • Green carnations are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

Why are mini carnations so popular?

  • Mini carnations feature the same great colors and fragrance of normal-sized carnations.
  • Mini carnations are easy to grow in a garden.
  • Mini carnations like shade so they can be grown on a patio, flower garden, or window box.
  • Mini carnations grow well in rock gardens.
  • Mini carnations are great for many occasions including weddings, birthdays, business events, or to dress your home.
  • Mini carnations have a sweet smell that is very pleasing and relaxing.
  • Mini carnations last a long time – even after they are cut.

Carnation Care Suggestions

  • Carnations should be kept moist and need some exposure to full sun for a few hours per day.
  • Over-watering your carnations will turn the foliage yellow.
  • Spent flowers should be removed promptly to promote the blooming of the rest of the carnation.
  • Plant foliage should not be exposed to the direct heat of the sun.
  • Cuttings from the base usually make the best plants.

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