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Caramel apple equipment & supplies

Caramel Apple Supplies

As with any delicious snack or dessert it all begins with one ingredient. The apple may be the core of any tempting caramel apple, but the core is actually the only part of the fruit you do not need. At Sam's Club you can shop from a variety of top-of-the-line apple hackers that slice and dice with precision. Great brands, such as Gold Medal, provide easy to use machines that help you chop an apple into equal parts ready for dipping.

Once the apple is sliced you are ready focus on the caramel. Often gooey and always mouth-watering the caramel adds the sweet component to this old-fashioned dessert and holds the nuts or candies in place along the outer shell. Sam's Club offers a variety of standard warming materials to heat caramel to the perfect temperature. Combine the insert bowls and dip warmer to compliment your caramel apple cooking display.

Selecting caramel is also a simple process at Sam's Club with options in both liquid and brick form. Select from top caramel brands for an irresistible topping. Depending on the caramel you choose the heating options may differ, but the taste will always be great!

Caramel apples are the ultimate concession stand snack that still fits the bill for almost any fun and light-hearted event. From Halloween to summer fairs create warm and delicious caramel apples with supplies from Sam's Club.

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