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At Sam's Club®, we have a large selection of candy that is sure to please any sweet tooth. No matter what type you prefer, we carry an array of convenient sizes.

Types of Candy

Chocolates come in many different forms and are popular with people of all ages. Hershey's chocolate bars, like Kit Kat, Reese's, Mr. Goodbar and Kisses chocolate drops are best-sellers and can be purchased as bags filled with many bite-sized, individually wrapped chocolate bars or cases filled with numerous full-sized bars, all of which offer exceptional value.

Other top-selling chocolates include Snickers, M&M's and Milky Way by Mars, Lindt's decadent truffles and Ferrero Rocher's chocolate-covered hazelnuts.

Gummy and chewy candies are sweet and tangy, and oftentimes fruit flavored. Top-rated varieties at Sam's Club include Skittles chewy and juicy candy pieces, Starburst fruit chews and Air Heads gummy candies that have sweet and sour flavors. Like our chocolate candies, these gummy and chewy candies are available in multi-packs for added value.

For those who want something different from chocolate or gummy candies, hard candy and lollipops like Ring Pops, Jolly Ranchers and Blow Pops are popular choices.

Choosing Candy

Our large cases of chocolate bars, gummy candies or mixes, and our value packs are great for sharing with co-workers and family members and can also be used for fundraising. Gums and mints are great for keeping in your purse, car or desk at school or work. These not only freshen your breath but can also help some individuals focus.

No matter what type of candy you are looking for, Sam's Club has the right kind for you at a great price.